Karen Rossilli-Kiefer

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Location: Morristown, NJ
Founded: 1992
Industry: Commercial construction

Karen Rossilli-Kiefer

TeamPAR, Inc.

“My husband and I, on the same day many years ago, decided to take control of our lives. Both of us quit our New York City corporate jobs, and both started our own companies,” says Karen Rossilli-Kiefer, president of TeamPAR, Inc. “I chose TeamPAR, which in its inception was just known as PARflooring, because I grew up in the commercial flooring industry, and I thought that I could take my commercial interiors vision and design background and really carve a path that would make a difference in this industry.”

Quick Tip: “Leadership is always showing your best self, every day.”

Lacking funds to start the business, Rossilli-Kiefer turned to her mother. “The two of us together embarked on this journey as a mother-and-daughter team,” she says. In a predominantly male industry, Rossilli-Kiefer had to overcome stereotypes, including being perceived as someone’s assistant or secretary. “I felt that by taking the high road, respect would eventually be earned by those willing to give it,” she says, noting that TeamPAR is now strong and competitive in its field.

TeamPAR is one of the largest donors to Jersey Battered Women’s Service as a result of its annual toy drive. “In this toy drive, we have now solicited the help of many others in the commercial real estate community who are our ‘corporate elves,’” says Rossilli-Kiefer.