Karen Carolonza and Deborah Sittig

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Location: Boonton, NJ
Founded: 2009
Industry: Media/PR


Karen Carolonza and Deborah Sittig
Co-managing Partners

Green Room Communications

Karen Carolonza and Deborah Sittig co-founded Green Room Communications to shake up the world of communications, and to promote awareness of the existence of important medications. Sittig is a veteran broadcast reporter who delivers media strategy, executive training and storytelling expertise to the company’s life science and pharmaceutical clients. Carolonza has more than 20 years of experience in public relations and communications, most of which is in the life sciences area.

Fun Fact: Carolonza’s first corporate PR position was with Exxon, where she helped manage the aftermath of the Valdez incident.

Shortly after Green Room was founded, Sittig’s son was diagnosed with a rare bone disease called hypophosphatasia. She soon realized there was a large gap in the existing dialogue regarding the rare disease, so she decided to fill that space. In 2009, Sittig founded Soft Bones: The U.S. Hypophosphatasia Foundation.

Green Room offers its employees the opportunity to work from home, allowing working parents to get the time at home they need. In fact, one of the duo’s goals in creating Green Room was to change the culture for the many women working in PR and trying to straddle the demands of workplace and family.