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Location: Manasquan, NJ
Founded: 1993
Industry: IT

Jennifer Naughton
President and CEO

Radiant Resources

“We help businesses use IT to drive out risk, improve performance and reduce cost,” says Jennifer Naughton, president and CEO of Radiant Resources. “We originally built our business on configuring and shipping IT hardware. Today, software and applications are front and center, and hardware is often seen as a commodity.”

Fun Fact: “I’m very involved in something called The Friends of the Spring Lake 5, an annual 12,500-person road race.”

That transformation from a hardware-centric datacenter to a more software-defined operation was the company ‘s greatest challenge. “We realized that we had to shift our focus to better align ourselves with where our industry was headed,” says Naughton. “Over time, we executed a plan to sell hardware through the channel and partner with the leading software vendors, like VMware and Microsoft, who were having a huge impact on the way organizations served up data.”

“In addition to my leadership position at Radiant Resources, I also serve as the elected mayor of Spring Lake, NJ,” says Naughton. “I have helped guide my community through some very complex times.” For example, both Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy resulted in significant damage to the town. There are “broad similarities” in leading a town and a company, says Naughton, including the need for accountability.