Ginger Pitaccio and Lisa Vitiello

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Location: Red Bank, NJ
Founded: 2008
Industry: Professional services

Ginger Pitaccio


Lisa Vitiello

Towne & Country Management Inc.

Towne & Country Management Inc. is a property management firm serving residential community associations throughout New Jersey. EVP Ginger Pitaccio and president Lisa Vitiello, both graduates of Seton Hall University, realized during college that they shared an entrepreneurial spirit — a realization that eventually led them to go into business together.

Quick Tip: “We consistently assume the lead when staff members confront a problem with which they are unfamiliar.”

Pitaccio and Vitiello started their first property management firm in 1992, reaching more than $1 million in sales by 1999. This success came to the attention of a publicly traded company seeking to expand its business through acquisitions. Soon after the deal, it became clear that the acquiring company did not share Pitaccio and Vitiello’s founding vision. As a result, they parted ways with the company. A five-year non-compete agreement kept Pitaccio and Vitiello out of the community-association management industry. At the end of the five-year term, former clients and industry professionals asked them to return and, as a result, Towne & Country was born.

Pitaccio and Vitiello have participated in fundraising events for various local organizations, including CONTACT We Care, a nonprofit that operates a suicide hotline center. In addition, Vitiello prepares tax returns pro-bono for the elderly, and has mentored young children in reading at The Queen City Charter School. Pitaccio has helped elderly residents in her community negotiate purchases of cars and homes, and coordinated home repairs for them.