Eileen Huntington

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Location: Oradell, NJ
Founded: 1977
Industry: Educational services

Eileen Huntington

Huntington Learning Corporation

Huntington Learning Corporation operates 35 Huntington Learning Centers in the New York metropolitan area and franchises 250 centers in 38 states, providing individualized tutoring and test prep. “Our founding vision is embodied in our mission statement, which is ‘to give every student the best education possible,’” says CEO Eileen Huntington.

Quick Tip: “I believe in knowing both the big picture and the details supporting it.”

When Huntington and her husband, Ray, made the decision to start the business, she was a tenured teacher in Bound Brook, NJ, and he worked for AT&T. “The decision to develop our business was a major one that we discussed for more than a year. When we opened our first learning center in June 1977, we were swamped. We were so busy, we worked on July 4,” says Huntington. “By late July, I decided to quit my job. Ray quit the following March.”

Within eight years, the Huntingtons opened 18 centers and were ready to take on franchising. “Along the way, we expanded our curriculum and refined our instructional procedures,” says Eileen Huntington. “Soon after the introduction of the personal computer, we began developing our proprietary software system, which has grown to well over a million lines of code.”