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Location: New Providence, NJ
Founded: 1995
Industry: Customer service

CJ Stafford
President and Owner

Stafford Communications Group, Inc.

In 1995, CJ Stafford decided to end a 20-year career with Johnson & Johnson. She had spent years working on the safety and efficacy of wound closures, then moved on to the marketing and PR side of the business. “When it came time to do something different, I formed Stafford Communications Group, Inc.,” she says. 

Fun Fact: Stafford’s grandmother cooked for priests at the Shrine of St. Joseph in Stirling, NJ, for more than 40 years. Today, Stafford actively participates in fundraisers there.

As a toxicologist, Stafford brings a scientific eye to customer care programs in regulated industries such as healthcare, food and cosmetics. At the same time, she has worked to build a company where fun is the norm. “Our goal is to be the best place you’ve ever worked, and our employees’ attitude passes on to the customers,” she says.

Stafford’s first challenge in launching Stafford Communications was getting clients outside the pharmaceutical industry, which she was most familiar with. “Leveraging that expertise and translating it to a value-add in food and beauty care took creative positioning, strategy and execution,” she says. The second challenge was cash flow. “I started my business as a labor of love and learned about human resources, benefits, overhead and all of the related costs along the way. It’s much less expensive and in many ways easier to be a company of one, but it doesn’t allow for personal or business growth,” says Stafford.