Christine Nichlos

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Location: Shrewsbury, NJ
Founded: 1997
Industry: Human resource consulting and recruitment services

Christine Nichlos
Founder and CEO

People Science

When CEO Christine Nichlos founded People Science, her background was predominantly in franchising within recruiting companies. “What I noticed is, there was no fully prepared process design and engineering around how companies acquire talent,” she says. “It’s always been somewhat reactive, which to me just didn’t make good business sense.”

Quick Tip: “We invest in our employees and try to learn where they’re coming from.”

To change that dynamic, People Science relies on metrics. “When you apply metrics to talent acquisition, it changes everything,” says Nichlos. “The best example I can give you is during the screening process. For one client, we talked to over 600,000 candidates in an 18-month period.” More than 90 percent of those candidates were also prospective or current customers for the client’s brand. People Science used information it gathered from the candidates to propose ideas about where the brand should go next.

Nichlos has been on the board of the Supplier Diversity Development Council for eight years, and recently finished her second year as president. Her desire to go into business for herself and encourage supplier diversity goes back to an experience at a previous job, where the company’s president told her she had potential to be groomed as a successor. “Unfortunately, he said he wasn’t able to do that, because he needed to put a man in that position. So I started my own company.”