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Location: Randolph, NJ
Founded: 1985
Industry: Nonprofit affordable housing developer

Blair Schleicher Bravo

Morris Habitat for Humanity

Morris Habitat for Humanity provides affordable housing for low-income families in Morris County and the surrounding area. “Our vision is a world where everyone has a decent place to live, and we accomplish this through volunteer labor and donations of money and materials,” says CEO Blair Schleicher Bravo. Since 1985, Morris Habitat has built 74 homes, and it has about 80 more homes in its pipeline.

Fun Fact: Raise the Roof has so far raised about $30,000.

“Many of our donors want to be more closely connected with our homebuilding projects. They often want to buy specific items for a particular home,” says Bravo. “We thought that if we listed the number and types of homebuilding materials we need for a particular project and talk about the families who were selected for the homes, people would be inspired to go online to shop for the building materials.”

The campaign, known as Raise the Roof, “is basically a combination of a wedding registry and a Go Fund Me program,” says Bravo. Supporters receive an email that includes a link to the drive. “The link goes to our partner, Home Depot, where the items are purchased and shipped directly to the site when we are ready for it.  We can then keep the donor up to date on the home-building progress. … The donors are also invited to come out to volunteer and build the home with the families.”