Avis Yates Rivers

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Location: Somerset, NJ
Founded: 2008
Industry: IT and supply chain management

Avis Yates Rivers

Technology Concepts Group International

Technology Concepts Group International (TCGI) is an IT asset, procurement and expense management firm. “We help large buying organizations streamline their procurement processes, consolidate their supply chain and better leverage the dollars they spend,” says CEO Avis Yates Rivers. “I am always looking for opportunities to add value.”

Quick Tip: “Leadership requires that the team of people who are working with you not only see, but embrace your vision.”

TCGI had initially focused on equipment leasing but, in the face of the recession, it became apparent that the company would need to diversify. “That’s when we opened our IT asset-management practice,” says Rivers. “We realized that corporations weren’t doing a good job in managing their software license portfolio. That’s an area that is ripe for overspending, non-compliance and risk. Companies need the right information at all times to understand not just how many software licenses they own, but rather how those assets are being used.” Over the years, TCGI has also added IT procurement and expense management to its suite of services.

TCGI supports Elijah’s Promise, a local soup kitchen that also teaches residents how to grow and prepare food. “Once a month, we go and serve those who are hungry and who come there to get a good, hot meal,” says Rivers. “It gives us great pride to be able to give back.” Rivers also serves on the board of the National Center for Women & Information Technology, whose mission is to increase the meaningful participation of girls, women and people of color in technology.