MedSource National

MedSource National

Andrew Weaderhorn

Tony Riccardi
Chief Visionary Officer
Location: Garden City, NY

MedSource National

MedSource National’s culture is shaped by its diversity. The company has employees with many different ethnic backgrounds, including Guyanese, Irish, Mexican and Italian. What’s more, 43 percent of MedSource’s employees are millennials. To keep this diverse workforce engaged, the company has a number of reward programs. For example, if an employee receives compliments over the phone, in an email or in any other means of communication, MedSource documents them and reviews them monthly. The employee with the most compliments wins a gift. In addition, employees have access to a catered lunch every day and receive cross-training in various positions through mentoring and job shadowing. Each year, MedSource hosts a family outing and summer BBQ as well as a corporate holiday party.

The most important aspect of building a great company culture is empowering all employees and instilling in each member a sense of vitality and belonging.”