Event Kings

Event Kings

Steven Vogel
Co-founder and President

Terry Vogel
Co-founder and CEO
Location: Deer Park, NY

Event Kings

Employees at Event Kings don’t punch a clock, and Steven and Terry Vogel don’t watch when employees come in or leave. Instead, they trust in employees’ self-motivation and the power of a fun work environment that features, among other things, a dartboard set up in the front office. In the summer, Event Kings closes its office on a Friday and takes everyone to the beach. If the company’s staff hits a predetermined annual goal, everyone gets to go on an all-inclusive retreat as well. Last year, employees traveled to Punta Cana for a week, and the year before, they took a seven-day cruise. It’s all part of Event Kings’ goal to be an “employee-first” company.

“We don’t want our team to just work and work. We want it to be a good time.”