1st Equity Title & Closing Services

1st Equity Title & Closing Services

Michael Cave
President and CEO

Rich Cave
Executive Vice
President and COO

Location: Melville, NY

1st Equity Title & Closing Services

First Equity Title & Closing Services prides itself on its entrepreneurial culture. Rather than micro-managing employees’ time or productivity, the company sets overall goals and expects everyone to treat their department like they would their own business. Employees at 1st Equity also have flexibility when it comes to planning their time. Whenever an urgent health or family issue comes up, for example, 1st Equity reassures employees that it’s acceptable to take time to address it. To facilitate that approach to time management, 1st Equity offers unlimited sick and personal time, as well as flexible work schedules. Philanthropy is another central tenet of the company’s culture, with employees being encouraged to get involved as volunteers in the local community.   

Being conscious of the community and making sure what we are doing is having a greater impact is something we try to instill throughout the organization.”