Theresa A. Regnante

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Location: Deer Park, NY
Founded: 1964
Industry: Nonprofit

Theresa A. Regnante
President and CEO

United Way of Long Island

The mission of United Way of Long Island (UWLI) is to develop programs that address needs in education, financial stability and health. “By connecting low- and- moderate-income families to the building blocks of economic stability, UWLI is ensuring that these individuals have the tools they need to thrive,” says Theresa A. Regnante, president and CEO. “The majority of low- and moderate-income Long Islanders have experienced a financial setback in the previous year, and this economic strain has derailed household plans and aspirations for many.”

Fun Fact: Growing up in a fundraising family, Regnante went with her father to various places to sell raffle tickets for St. Francis Hospital.

Under Regnante’s leadership, UWLI has undergone a significant transformation, adopting a new approach to community problem-solving. This has included raising more than $15 million in government, corporate and private foundation grants. UWLI has entered into partnerships with financial institutions, nonprofit organizations, the faith-based community, corporations, unions and other stakeholders. This community-level network gives UWLI access to a wealth of knowledge about the financial needs and challenges facing Long Island residents.

In 2006, UWLI established YouthBuild, which increases affordable permanent housing for low-income families, while empowering young adults through vocational training and education. The program works closely with the Department Of Labor, employers and unions to train students in marketable skills. Since the program’s inception, YouthBuild has had 175 graduates.