Nicole Larrauri

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Location: Melville, NY
Founded: 1985
Industry: Professional services

Nicole Larrauri

The EGC Group

“There are over 60,000 marketing agencies across the country. A lot of them look and sound alike. This can be an obstacle to growth,” says Nicole Larrauri, president of The EGC Group. “Together with my management team, I spend a lot of time talking about our own growth strategies, as if we were a paying client. We also learned to be selective of the client partnerships we take, and we turn down those opportunities where we can’t be a true partner in a client’s business. I find that sometimes the right strategy is what you say ‘no’ to, more than what you say ‘yes’ to.”

Fun Fact: To date, charities participating in CreateAthon have received more than $3 million in media exposure.

The EGC Group hosts an annual event known as CreateAthon. “We accept applications from charities to participate, and through this event, we build an entire marketing campaign and websites for our chosen nonprofits within a 24-hour period,” says Larrauri. “Everyone from the receptionist to accounting helps create something for an organization that needs it.”

While Larrauri acknowledges that growing a business sometimes requires “around-the-clock thinking,” finding time to fulfill the role of wife and mother is also important to her. “That balance can be a challenge at times, but I look forward to the day my daughter realizes she can be anything she wants in this life with the right drive and work ethic, and I strive to create an environment that allows other working mothers to strike that same balance.”