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Location: East Setauket, NY
Founded: 1995
Industry: Attorney

Nancy Burner
Founding Manager and Partner

Nancy Burner & Associates, P.C.

Nancy Burner & Associates, P.C. concentrates in the areas of elder law, estate planning, trust and estate administration, and guardianship matters. The firm has six attorneys, including Burner herself and two of her daughters, as well as 24 support staffers, all of whom happen to be women. “As an elder law attorney, I feel that I must be informed about all aspects of my clients’ lives as they navigate the aging process and assist their families probably in the most challenging time of their lives,” says Burner. “This was my ideal vision when I started the firm.”

Quick Tip: “It’s important for my employees to be encouraged to step outside their comfort zones and stretch. It’s good for them, and ultimately it’s good for the business for them to feel good about themselves.”

Nancy Burner & Associates stays connected with its clients in a number of ways, including some 150 free seminars a year. “We have a community room in our office where we bring clients and we learn about many diverse topics,” says Burner. “For instance, we have a de-cluttering seminar that’s put on by a nonprofit group. We fill the room every time we give that.”

Burner is passionate about what she calls “the third age.” “‘Adulthood’ doesn’t really describe people who are over 50 or 55. There’s actually a third age where people are really at their best,” she says. “For example, I had a client dinner recently and I said to them, ‘You don’t pay for the dinner, but I want a pledge from everyone here that you will never again say, ‘Oh, I had a senior moment.’ Because when you do that, you denigrate who we are.’”