Maria Titone

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Location: Ronkonkoma, NY
Founded: 1996
Industry: Marble and granite fabrication

Maria Titone

Old Stone Marble Works Corp.

Maria Titone is the second-generation owner of Old Stone Marble Works Corp., a marble and granite fabrication business started by her father. “The principle is that, by doing this, I remember my dad and [what] he instilled in me: Never forget your foundation,” she says.

Fun Fact: Old Stone Marble Works gives back to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

To Titone, that idea has also meant focusing squarely on customer service: “Each day, we honor our commitment. We follow through on our assignments. We deliver them to our customers, and we’re very thankful for those customers,” she says. “Doing this has brought us through all the [tough] times of the economy. We work each and every day.”

To stay relevant, Old Stone Marble Works conducts regular research to find out what designs are in style, or what new technology is available. “We have different designers and architects, so we learn to listen to what their needs are, and we follow those new shapes and designs that are out there, and that’s what makes us a better company,” says Titone. Her biggest challenge as a leader, she says, was taking over the business from her father. “I knew it was all on me at that point, so thank God I surrounded myself with the talent of the guys I work with, and my suppliers are wonderful. We make a great team together.”