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Location: Jericho, NY
Founded: 1980
Industry: Professional services

Lori Bono
Chief Financial Officer

Grassi & Co.

Lori Bono began her career at Grassi & Co. in client service, moved up to the manager level and then turned her focus to the operations of the firm. “I spent approximately two years as the principal in charge of internal operations, working to reduce inefficiencies, develop processes for all departments, integrate firms we merged with and automate the flow of information,” she says. During this time, she became more involved in the financial measurements of the firm, which resulted in a promotion to chief financial officer.

Quick Tip: “You shouldn’t be afraid to pursue another opportunity, but you also have to be able to admit when you make mistakes.”

During her tenure at Grassi & Co., Bono has worked as a mentor for several staff accountants. In addition, she has served on and led several committees within the firm to create efficiencies, convert to a paperless environment, train and develop younger talent, and implement a new time and billing application. Outside the organization, Bono served as a board member of the Construction Financial Management Association’s New York City chapter for two years.

During a difficult time in her personal life some years ago, Bono resigned from Grassi & Co. Eight months later, she was asked to rejoin in a new position, as director of internal operations. “Not only did I have to define my role and define my daily responsibilities, I had to prove my worth to the firm,” says Bono. “Within two years of being back ‘home’ at Grassi & Co., I was promoted to chief financial officer.”