Kimberly Roffi, CPA

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Location: Bohemia, NY
Founded: 1993
Industry: Accounting firm

Kimberly Roffi, CPA

Cerini and Associates, LLP

While Kimberly Roffi maintains a book of clients, her primary focus is on the financial needs of Cerini and Associates, LLP. “I aligned my goals with the firm, which was growing and changing over the years,” she says. “I determined how my interests and strengths could benefit the firm and advocated for all my promotions.”

Quick Tip: “I feel it is important to always have a plan, be prepared and organized, and have adequate support to accomplish the end result.”

Roffi is particularly proud to be the first female partner at Cerini and Associates. “I feel that it will enable other women in our firm to seek the same opportunity,” she says. “I have integrated standardizations that are vital to the firm’s development as a whole, and have played a role in mentoring staff who are currently on their own partner track.” Roffi’s transition to partner status also has been helpful for her role as a client advisor, she says. “I’m not just providing tax services — I’m an advisor speaking from our own experiences of growing a business.”

Roffi is involved in several charitable activities, including volunteering at her three children’s schools. “I am also directly involved with producing the firm’s annual Long Island Imagine Awards,” she says. “This event celebrates the Long Island nonprofit community and the innovative leaders making meaningful changes in the sector.”