Karen Perry-Weinstat

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Location: Bethpage, NY
Founded: 2002
Industry: Marketing/Special events

Karen Perry-Weinstat

Event Journal, Inc.

Event Journal, Inc. helps nonprofit organizations promote special events to raise more funds. “Our lead product upgrades the ad journals that are typically distributed at galas and other fundraisers. We put the journal online as an informational event site, as a value-added incentive for sponsors and as a convenience for participants who use the site to register,” says Karen Perry-Weinstat, president of Event Journal.

Fun Fact: “The entire company gets involved in supporting animal causes, as we are all pet people and even bring our dogs to the office.”

The idea for the business came to Perry-Weinstat when she attended a gala for a national organization. “As the event ended, I … saw ad journals that had been left behind, scattered across tables and littering the floor. Knowing how much those journals cost to print, I thought, ‘There go thousands of dollars that are not doing anything for sponsors and are not going to the charity.’”

Event Journal faced a major challenge when Perry-Weinstat was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2012. During surgery to remove the tumor, she experienced a stroke. Yet, “the company held its own. The work I’d done to build a team and a culture of excellence and dedication was evident. When I reached the one-year anniversary of the surgery, the team celebrated and shared experiences of what it took to pull through during this challenging time. … A key staff person told me, ‘We wanted you to be proud of us.’”