Joan Axelrod Siegelwax

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Location: Freeport, NY
Founded: 1973
Industry: Food service manufacturer, dessert bakery products

Joan Axelrod Siegelwax
Executive Vice President

Love & Quiches

Three years ago, Love & Quiches was experiencing a 43-percent turnover rate. To stem the flow, Joan Axelrod Siegelwax left her long-time position leading the sales and marketing team, and took on the role of heading up the human capital department instead. “We now have pretty much a zero turnover rate. We’ve had nobody leave over the last six months,” she says. “I have really brought everybody together to work as a team, and we have changed the entire management structure.”

Fun Fact: In addition to taking on a new role at Love & Quiches, Siegelwax also has launched a career as an executive coach. She is president and CEO of Powerful Possibilities Coaching.

Employee training has been a key focus of Siegelwax’s engagement campaign. “I’m doing different kinds of training around communication, around productivity, social media, changing the way we communicate internally and externally, and really bringing the message to the community,” she says. In addition, Siegelwax has worked to rally staff members around philanthropic causes. For example, Love & Quiches is involved in Cake4Kids, which provides birthday cakes to local children who might not otherwise get them. 

Siegelwax’s biggest challenge, she says, has been realizing that there is no such thing as work-life balance. “I learned very early on that there are work-life choices. Life and work is going to continue to throw you curveballs,” she says. “You need to be prepared, you need to have a plan B, and you need to stay relevant. So for me, the challenge is about staying calm throughout the chaos, and understanding that this too shall pass.”