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Location: Ronkonkoma, NY
Founded: 2003
Industry: Auto insurance carrier, business process outsourcing

Fig Annunziato


ClaimFox is a niche provider of data-exchange solutions for insurance companies. “The vision was to create a business that was sustainable, with an environment that would be fun and a business model that really felt rewarding to the people who were invested in it,” says CEO Fig Annunziato. “I wanted a company where our staff could feel good about what they do at the end of the day. I wanted there to be a real opportunity to build relationships. That’s what ClaimFox does.”

Fun Fact: ClaimFox has hosted food and clothing drives for several charities, including Lighthouse Mission and Long Island Cares.

One of Annunziato’s biggest challenges as CEO has been the need to prioritize — “deciding where to put my energy and focus, and where it’s required most.” She has met that challenge by developing a group of key advisors and an executive team that she has come to rely on. “Building that team and being really clear about what that team needs to look like was one of the growing pains that I certainly encountered,” she says.

Today, Annunziato describes her leadership style as “very hands-off.” “I try not to micromanage, and I allow my executive team to really work on their own. They’re very collaborative with each other, which I love, and it’s had a huge impact on our business.” Outside the workplace, Annunziato serves as facilitator for a group of emerging CEOs and leaders.