Cynthia Romano

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Location: Woodbury, NY
Founded: 2009
Industry: Financial services

Cynthia Romano
Partner and CEO

Chrysalis Management

Cynthia Romano founded Chrysalis Management with the goal of providing financial and operational support to small and middle-market organizations. “Initially named PCS LLC, we rebranded in 2014 so that our name would reflect who we are and what we do,” says Romano. “Technically, a chrysalis is the cocoon that shelters and supports the caterpillar as it develops into a butterfly. Practically, the word chrysalis has become synonymous with transformation, growth and positive evolution.”

Fun Fact: “We make our services available to nonprofits who serve the communities we work and live in.”

Chrysalis hasn’t necessarily outperformed competitors in the sense of growing fastest, achieving the greatest geographical reach or capturing the biggest market share. But to Romano, that’s not the point. “I know for a fact that we have served our clients well, leaving them more successful, more stable, more self-sufficient and more knowledgeable than when we engaged. And I know that in the last two years, we lost two pitches to competitors and were called back within months to replace the firm we lost to, [due to] our service levels and our pricing policies.”

“Founding and growing a business is satisfying and intoxicating, but it is also scary and exhausting,” says Romano. Through it all, she has been guided by a set of core values: “Treat others as you would like to be treated; work incredibly hard; don’t ask someone to do what you aren’t willing to do yourself; when you make a mistake, apologize without defense and find a way to make amends.”