Cheryl Goldenberg

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Location: Roslyn Heights, NY
Founded: 2006
Industry: Professional services

Cheryl Goldenberg

Goldenberg Consulting Group Inc.

Goldenberg Consulting Group Inc. provides M&A consulting services and talent acquisition services to accounting firms. “I was employed at a national M&A consulting firm for a very short while, and I very quickly saw that my clients responded to me in a big way,” says CEO Cheryl Goldenberg. “They wanted lots more personal attention than the company was willing to give. … I realized that it would be much better for me and for my clients to start my own company and do it my way.”

Fun Fact: “My daughter volunteers at North Shore Animal League, and I support them with money and with time.”

Goldenberg’s goal is to counsel firms on proper timing, structure and implementation strategies for M&A, but also to help find the je ne sais quoi that makes a transaction work. “The introductions I arrange have to be meaningful from the outset, or else they just don’t stick,” she says. “My role of holding everyone’s hands through the courtship of an affiliation is vital — deals can easily fall apart depending on chemistry and emotion.”

Goldenberg also spends time mentoring up-and-coming CPAs. “Many younger CPAs a couple of years out of college call me for advice about what they can do, and how they should position themselves for the future,” she says.