Anne D. Shybunko-Moore

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Location: Hauppauge, NY
Founded: 1971
Industry: Manufacturing

Anne D. Shybunko-Moore
President and Owner

GSE Dynamics Inc.

GSE Dynamics Inc. was founded in 1971 by president and owner Anne D. Shybunko-Moore’s father. “The vision was to provide complex military parts with a high degree of quality and expertise,” she says. “The company is rooted in a belief system that as a team, we can manufacture challenging parts and meet the needs of the warfighter.”

Fun Fact: “Every year, we participate in the Secret Soldier Santa Program at the local VA, which provides gifts for local veteran families during the holidays.”

When Shybunko-Moore entered GSE in 2001, she had built a successful career in healthcare, but was new to manufacturing. “The career transition challenged me to learn the business quickly — from every aspect of our manufacturing capabilities, to the business operations, to the human side of the relationships involved in running a business.” The next challenges were to establish a strategic growth plan for GSE, and to balance business and family time. “Over the course of building my company, I was also building my family — having four sons within a seven-year period,” says Shybunko-Moore.

Under Shybunko-Moore’s leadership, GSE intentionally pursues contracts that require a higher level of engineering and expertise. “Other companies may not want to go after the difficult and challenging parts, whereas we thrive on the challenge,” she says. “One very clear example is when GSE did an asset purchase agreement with General Dynamics to take over the manufacturing of mast fairings for the Navy — large composite structures with specialized tooling and fabrication processes.”