Alison Brennan

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Location: Hauppauge, NY
Founded: 1965
Industry: Commercial real estate

Alison Brennan

Einbinder Development

As CEO of Einbinder Development, Alison Brennan is carrying on a vision that began with her grandfather. “When Joseph Einbinder began his real estate career, his focus was on urban development. He had a unique vision that drove him to build client-centered retail in locations that others could not even imagine,” says Brennan. “Today, we continue Joseph’s vision with a focus on location and redeveloping each property to its highest and best use.”

Quick Tip: “Many people are drawn to a leader not because of how they feel about that person, but because of how the leader makes them feel about themselves.”

Einbinder Development’s office is also home to First Development Corporation, co-founded by Brennan’s uncle. “As the newest member of both these companies, I have found my greatest challenge and greatest contribution has been to allow for a structured continuation of both businesses, while balancing the amazing success of the generations before me,” she says.

To give back to the community, Brennan helped develop and continues to run a mentoring program for The Long Island Real Estate Group. As part of the program, students at Hofstra University are selected to participate in a six-week rotational internship at some of Long Island’s top real estate firms.