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Location: Bohemia, NY
Founded: 1990
Industry: Electronics/Industrial products

Adrienne Giannone
President and CEO

Edge Electronics, Inc.

Edge Electronics, Inc. is an authorized distributor of electronic components and LCD solutions. For president and CEO Adrienne Giannone, that has meant making her mark in a male-dominated industry. “Frequently, I was challenged to explain my knowledge in the industry” to customers and vendors, she says. “Sometimes, in meetings, men would address their conversation to other men who were in the meeting, and not directly to me. But once they heard me speak, it was clear that I knew what I was talking about. What I learned from that is, knowledge is power, and respect really must be gained, not given just because of a title.”

Quick Tip: “I believe in not finding who is to blame if we make a mistake, but rather how to fix and avoid it in the future.”

Giannone prides herself on Edge Electronics’ customer service and team spirit. “Everyone at Edge really works together as a team, and they’re always eager to help each other. Once, a package was missing and might have been thrown out, and one of our warehouse people actually dove into the dumpster and retrieved the missing box, which really avoided a line shut down for one of our major customers. How many people do that?”

Each year, Edge Electronics’ team participates in a golf outing to benefit the Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition. Customers and vendors are invited to participate as well. “We even invite our competitors, and family, friends, neighbors, everyone. We’ve raised in excess of a quarter of a million dollars over the past few years for breast cancer.”