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Underscore Marketing

Lauren Boyer

DONE DEAL: Underscore Marketing specializes in media strategy, planning and execution for health and wellness brands. In 2015, Underscore partnered with an advertising agency that was struggling to integrate media efforts for its clients. “A number of the Underscore team members had previously worked with people from the ad agency. We had been in discussions about the potential to work together somehow, given the positive chemistry and familiarity between the teams,” says Lauren Boyer, CEO of Underscore. “At the end of 2014, the head of the ad agency expressed frustration regarding its ability to offer media services to its clients, despite the high demand. The agency is excellent at developing strategic communications and marketing programs and ads, but lacked the infrastructure and scale to develop media programs. After many discussions and several different approaches to the structure of the deal, we came up with the best construct for both parties.”

Quick Tip: “There are no insignificant people in business. Every role serves a purpose and every person deserves respect and appreciation, regardless of experience level or compensation.”

BIG IMPACT: The deal enabled the ad agency to offer fully integrated services to streamline billing and agency management for clients. At the same time, it resulted in several new clients for Underscore, eliminating the pitch process in most cases. “Leveraging this partnership has increased the bottom line, in addition to reducing operational costs in business development and sales,” says Boyer. “This deal affected customer satisfaction in a positive way since clients have expert media planning and buying without the logistical challenges of managing another agency.”