Transbeam, Inc.

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Location: New York, NY
Industry: Technology

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Transbeam, Inc.

Peter Karoczkai
Executive Vice President of Sales

DONE DEAL: Transbeam, Inc. entered into a business partnership with Empire State Realty Trust (ESRT), whose flagship property is the Empire State Building. “The IT team at ESRT had a need to consolidate and improve its network performance, which supported all of its 14 properties,” says Peter Karoczkai, executive vice president of sales at Transbeam. “ESRT had multiple service providers for its data and voice services, and its goal was to find one single company to provide all of these services on one bill, with one single contact.” After vetting several other service providers, ESRT chose Transbeam, awarding the company an initial three-year contract to custom-design a network supporting all of its services.

Fun Fact: “Transbeam was one of the first internet service providers on the East Coast in the mid-90s, started by our CEO, Marc Sellouk, when he was a young college student.”

BIG IMPACT: “What I like about our industry is that a company like Transbeam can indeed prove to do a better job than larger players in the telecom space,” says Karoczkai. “Having an iconic customer like ESRT as part of your customer portfolio certainly validates the strategy that we are pursuing. Being headquartered in Manhattan, especially in Midtown Manhattan, you cannot walk out on the street and look up and not see the Empire State Building as one of the most recognizable landmarks in New York. And knowing that we provide service to ESRT’s buildings is a great deal of satisfaction and validation for all of our efforts.”