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Location: New York, NY
Industry: Media/PR

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Social Media Link

Susan Frech
Co-founder and CEO

DONE DEAL: In 2015, Social Media Link was acquired by From You Flowers. “It has always been a personal goal of mine to successfully transact my business,” says co-founder and CEO Susan Frech. “I am proud to say that after five years of hard work, my team and I made this goal a reality.” The transaction involved six parties on the seller side, two parties on the buyer side, six attorneys and two investment bankers, which made for a difficult road to completion. “Every time we were faced with a challenge, I would try and find a solution to satisfy conflicting parties,” says Frech. “I could see the finish line and knew this deal was right for all parties involved.”

Quick Tip: “Taking risk is what has given me the greatest reward.”

BIG IMPACT: “We have found that the acquisition has allowed us to fill in the gaps in the business with resources from our new owners,” says Frech. “We have leveraged our new owners’ teams within digital marketing, business intelligence, operations and finance. A company of our size would not be able to afford this level of leadership in all of these areas.” Positive effects from the acquisition have already trickled down to employees and clients: Going forward, Social Media Link expects to see double-digit growth year over year.