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Location: New York, NY
Industry: Construction

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Skyline Windows

Steven Kraus

DONE DEAL: Skyline Windows is a fourth-generation family business that designs, manufactures and installs windows. The owners of Rockefeller Center reached out to Skyline to assist in a comprehensive modernization of the 80-year-old facility. “We worked continuously with historic preservationists, architects, building managers, contractors, consultants, occupants [and others] to make sure we came up with a solution everyone was satisfied with,” says CEO Steven Kraus. “Our work throughout the city in the area of historical replication gave us the credentials to be considered for this monumental undertaking.”

Fun Fact: “More than 30 Skyline employees are related to each other in some way.”

BIG IMPACT: The window replacement project at Rockefeller Center lasted more than five years. “It was an evolutionary process of design that required complete product research to ultimately satisfy historical, energy, acoustic and aesthetic requirements,” says Kraus. “Skyline really had to think outside the box for every single aspect of work we were producing. We were challenged to develop new technology on the manufacturing side, new designs and new methods of installation.” The project’s result: “Every aspect of the Center has been brought back to its original splendor, from the observation deck to the rink and, fortunately for us, the windows,” says Kraus.