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DONE DEAL: “I’m most pleased about the relationship we’ve begun with the agency BBDO and the opportunity to work with their client, Autism Speaks,” says Chris Phoenix, CEO of Phoenix Media Group. The agencies are partnering to deliver a virtual-reality (VR) experience for Autism Speaks. “Not only are we going to help people understand what it’s like to live with autism, but we’re doing it using the perfect vehicle for this kind of experiential storytelling.”

Fun Fact: Phoenix Media Group has created original content for BRAVO, Comedy Central, ESPN, Funny or Die and Broadway Video.

BIG IMPACT: Autism is characterized, in varying degrees, by difficulties in social interaction, lack of eye contact, sensory sensitivity and repetitive behaviors, among other signs. “Understanding that world is the first step to making it better,” says Phoenix. “By immersing the user in these visual and auditory experiences, this simulation plays to the strengths of how VR is best used. We are hoping that this will engender more empathy. We’re also gratified that this isn’t just another commercial endeavor for a product none of us needs; it’s much more meaningful.” In fact, Phoenix hopes the collaboration with BBDO sets an example for the industry at large: “More effort should be made by the advertising industry to create important communications that positively impact our society and the world.”