Patient Care Associates, Inc.

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Location: Mamaroneck, NY
Industry: Healthcare


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Patient Care Associates, Inc.

Taryn B. Tanzer

DONE DEAL: Patient Care Associates, Inc. specializes in point-of-care mobile diagnostic testing for long-term care, sub-acute care, assisted living, correctional and psychiatric facilities as well as communicable-disease clinics. “The most recent changes in the healthcare system have been met head-on by Patient Care Associates on multiple fronts,” says president Taryn B. Tanzer. “Patient Care Associates has expanded and implemented a comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity plan to ensure that clients and their patients have access to reliable diagnostic testing every day of the year, even in the most difficult of times.”

Fun Fact: “Patient Care Associates has performed in excess of one million testing procedures to date.”

BIG IMPACT: The use of multiple redundancy systems, including cloud-based technology, ensures all critical patient data is stored and protected if one storage system fails. “More importantly, the company’s expanded and more powerful hard drives give clients access to multiple tests performed at different times. Consequently, medical professionals can conduct a variety of comparative analyses based on stored data with simply the push of a button,” says Tanzer. She hopes “by providing improved healthcare to seniors in their nursing facilities that errors, unnecessary patient anxiety and unnecessary Medicare expenditures can be reduced, and that, consequently, the quality of patient care will improve.”