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Location: New York, NY
Industry: Telecommunications auditing

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Hudson Allied, LLC

Richard Sennett
Vice President

DONE DEAL: In November of 2014, Hudson Allied, LLC was engaged by Distribution Consultants Inc. (DCI) to perform a telecommunications invoice audit. The audit was supposed to verify the accuracy of DCI’s telecommunications charges for voice and data services, including all related services and equipment. “DCI vice president Brian Fanelli was keenly focused on controlling the communications costs associated with his company’s advanced network architecture, multiple telecommunications vendors, and carrier billing platforms,” says Richard Sennett, vice president of Hudson Allied. “He chose the experts at Hudson Allied to conduct a comprehensive telecommunication audit to determine if DCI was being billed accurately by its carriers and vendors.”

Quick Tip: “The foundation of success in business lies in your ability to organize, structure and create solid plans of action, but the cornerstone of success lies in your ability to execute.”

BIG IMPACT: Sennett and his team conducted an in-depth review of DCI’s invoices, lines, rates, applicable tariffs, taxes, plans, usage, systems and contracts. Upon completion of the analysis, Sennett and his team prepared all claims relating to any identified over-billing for submission to the appropriate telecommunications company, and worked directly with the carrier to seek resolution. In addition, Sennett developed a three-tier executive strategy to migrate and consolidate DCI’s multiple accounts into one solution. “In addition to impacting DCI’s bottom line, Hudson’s audit and migration-management project produced a complete telecom road map of DCI’s existing network architecture,” says Sennett. “Using this information, DCI can make informed technology decisions as it continues to grow.”