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Location: New York, NY
Industry: Financial services

Professional Services – medium



Damien Georges
Founder and CEO

DONE DEAL: In 2010, Damien Georges partnered with Raj Singh, a former Hipercept employee, and Grant Thornton, one of the world’s largest professional services networks of accounting and consulting firms. “We embarked on a mission to solve one critical challenge in the commercial real estate industry: data management,” says Georges, founder and CEO of Hipercept. “The result was Voyanta, a complete real estate data and analytics solution for investors and lenders. Voyanta aggregates and stores all real estate portfolio data in one place.” 

BIG IMPACT: “In 2012, we launched Voyanta to the public and it was a complete success,” says Georges. “Through business development resources, we were able to generate a steady momentum of deals. By 2014, we were well on our way, with our clientele collectively managing over $250 billion in real estate assets. Our largest deal came in that same year, when we were acquired by Altus Group.” Before Voyanta, property managers, appraisers and lawyers would send their data to asset managers, who had to go through all that data and sign off on it. “In real estate, there is an immense amount of this data,” says Georges. “With Voyanta, this process is simplified and saves asset managers a tremendous amount of time.”