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Location: New York, NY
Industry: Advertising

Media/PR – medium



Yuriy Boykiv

DONE DEAL: For the past five years, the Gravity team has travelled to Melia Resorts in the Caribbean or Mexico each November. “As a follow-up to each of our trips, we would receive solicitation emails and surveys from the Melia property we had visited on the trip,” says Gravity CEO Yuriy Boykiv. Gravity found that the emails were poorly done, and written in language that was not compelling for American travelers, due to a cultural disconnect. Boykiv saw an opportunity to help the Melia brand grow in the U.S., and shared his thoughts on how to improve the company’s strategy. In 2015, Gravity began to advise Melia on all digital and social media marketing efforts. In addition, Gravity has been charged with all media buying for 2016.

Fun Fact: “Among our 45 employees in New York City, Los Angeles, Paris and London, over 21 languages are fluently spoken. Each member of our team has a diverse cultural background.”

BIG IMPACT: Based in Spain, Melia Resorts were well known to Central and South American travelers, but mostly unknown in the U.S. Gravity is working to change that. “We firmly believe that with the digital landscape growing, understanding the ethnic and behavioral cultures of consumers now becomes even more important to any brand’s growth,” says Boykiv. Communicating across cultural barriers is where Boykiv sees Gravity’s competitive advantage. At the same time, working for Melia also has boosted internal morale, he says: “No other client acquisition has provided greater pride and happiness among Gravity employees.”