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Location: Jericho, NY
Industry: Professional services/Financial services

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Grassi & Co.

Louis C. Grassi
Managing Partner and CEO

DONE DEAL: Grassi & Co. partner Lou Pizzileo and principal Yigal Rechtman were brought on to consult for a top technology company. “Because the situation our clients faced left them challenged with cash flow, they required a company that could help them reestablish relationships with creditors,” says Louis C. Grassi, managing partner and CEO. “Our team performed an operational review, and a review of their financial statements. In essence, we helped take this company ‘from Egypt to the promised land.’”

Fun Fact: “Every Thursday is Popcorn Thursday at the firm. One of our administrators pops fresh popcorn, bags it, and tosses it out to each employee.” 

BIG IMPACT: “This deal enabled us to be advisors and supporters of technology, which is a market we continue to expand into,” says Grassi. “We already had a deep understanding of revenue and operational challenges, and this gave us the opportunity to demonstrate that we can do this type of work under less than favorable conditions.” Grassi calls the engagement “a growth opportunity” for the firm.