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Location: Union, NJ
Industry: Food

Supply Chain/Manufacturing



Ariane Daguin

DONE DEAL: “D’Artagnan’s goal and mission is to put excellent meat products on the plate of the best chefs in America, as well as the home cooks,” says CEO Ariane Daguin. Initially, D’Artagnan sourced its meat from individual farmers and slaughterhouses, but as the company grew, it became necessary to make deals with groups of farmers. The deals “started from the fact that we did not want to ask a farmer to grow with us, because there was going to be a point where it would be too much for the capacity of the farm, and so the quality would have been compromised,” says Daguin.

Fun Fact: “I named the company after D’Artagnan, the character in The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas. He actually was a real person. He was a very good, loyal, chivalrous and courageous person under the reign of Louis XIV in France.”

BIG IMPACT: D’Artagnan keeps up steady communication with the farmer groups to plan for the future. “We all decide how many new farmers or ranchers are needed to add to the group to meet the future volume,” says Daguin. “It’s very rewarding today because the sourcing is a little easier. We’ve had 30 years to build a successful track record of win-win relationships with ranchers, farmers, growers. Now growers tend to come to us and ask, ‘What would you like us to grow for you?’”