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Location: New York, NY
Industry: Professional/Financial

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Bottom Line Concepts, LLC

Josh Fox
Co-founder and CEO

DONE DEAL: “We have partnered with another leader in our industry, and it’s a firm based in South Carolina called SIB Fixed Cost Reduction,” says Josh Fox, co-founder and CEO of Bottom Line Concepts, LLC. “At first look, I think both of us thought we were competitors because we both do the same thing, but when we drilled down, we realized pretty quickly that we were able to provide complementary services to our clients. By combining forces, we have been able to bring a much more in-depth breadth of services to our clients than either of us was providing before.” The partnership was an example of how companies might be able to do more by banding together, he says: “I think a lot of companies out there believe that they have tons of competitors, right? … But I think if you really start to spend some time with your so-called competitors, you may find that you’re very complementary and not actually competing at all. That is exactly what we realized when we met up with SIB.”

Fun Fact: Bottom Line has a charitable division called Line Up For Charity.

BIG IMPACT:  “We were able to provide additional services to our clients, and [SIB was] able to provide additional services to its clients,” says Fox. “We were also able to combine our resources and expand to get a greater footprint on the geographical areas that we work with.” The partnership also helped Bottom Line gain operating efficiency and market share, and has boosted employee satisfaction at both companies, he says.