Bond Painting Company, Inc.

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Location: New York, NY
Industry: Construction

Building Services – small

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Bond Painting Company, Inc.

Stuart Feld

DONE DEAL: “Twenty years ago, I knew a building manager by the name of David Arena, who subsequently became the head of real estate for Morgan Stanley,” says Stuart Feld, president of Bond Painting Company, Inc. “David introduced me to a few people who work for Hines Management, which at the time was the property management company for Morgan Stanley. After trying me out, they included me in their bid process, and we’re now on our third consecutive contract with them.” The contract includes maintenance painting at various Morgan Stanley locations. 

Fun Fact: Bond Painting Company is named in honor of James Bond. Its slogan is “Our paint is shaken, not stirred.”

BIG IMPACT: The deal was profitable for Bond Painting Company, and also allowed the company to hire better painters and capture a greater share of the marketplace. “Morgan Stanley reported to us that they were extremely happy with our performance, and that allowed us to increase our business both through the management company and directly with Morgan Stanley.” Feld notes that Bond Painting Company has always placed a great deal of emphasis on maintaining customer satisfaction, “dating back to my grandfather painting lofts during World War II.”