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Location: New York, NY
Industry: Healthcare


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AdvantageCare Physicians, PC

Brian Jaffe
Associate Vice President for Real Estate and Facilities Operations

DONE DEAL: AdvantageCare Physicians, PC (ACP) is a multi-specialty medical practice. It was created from an amalgamation of four companies that operated independently and were located in different parts of the New York metropolitan area. “When the companies came together to operate as a single unit, we decided to rely upon my 15-year relationship with Larry Zogby from RDS and use his company as the initial back-bone of our intra-office mail and distribution of supplies and materials,” says Brian Jaffe, associate vice president for real estate and facilities operations at ACP. “RDS supports more than 10 locations on a daily basis and all 41 different locations on an as-needed basis.”

Quick Tip: “The importance of developing your vendors as partners is crucial. To have a successful relationship, both parties need to be able to benefit.”

BIG IMPACT: “Having a company that manages our day-to-day administrative distribution of documents and supplies allows us to focus on our most important tasks,” says Jaffe. “The staff at RDS are very good communicators. Any time something out of the ordinary occurs, we will be notified.” The collaboration with RDS also has had a positive impact on both ACP’s patients and employees. For example, with RDS bringing needed medical supplies from one office to another quickly, delays in treatment can be prevented.