ABM Systems, Inc.

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Location: Floral Park, NY
Industry: Construction

Building Services – medium

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ABM Systems, Inc.

Alkesh M. Amin

DONE DEAL: ABM Systems, Inc., which specializes in building automation systems, initially became a vendor for Columbia University on a small project. “Very rapidly, we became the preferred automation vendor for the Columbia University medical campus,” says Alkesh M. Amin, president of ABM. “There are three major projects going on right now, and after ABM earned [the university’s] trust, all three projects got awarded to us.”

Fun Fact: “We are literally a garage startup. I rented a two-car garage off my friend’s medical practice to start ABM.”

BIG IMPACT: Before engaging in the project with Columbia, ABM did not have any similar projects it could point to in its portfolio. “We had been working in the hospitality industry with hotels, office buildings, some Broadway theaters, but it was always a challenge for us to get involved in a hospital campus, a university campus where the requirements of the project are very complex because of the type of research that they are doing in the facility,” says Amin. Now, ABM can cite its work with Columbia in gaining additional high-profile clients. “It kind of became a huge deal for us, because now all our sales and marketing people can literally go to any customer and simply present the type of facility that we automated, and the type of equipment that we are controlling,” says Amin. “So that is really instant recognition, once we say the Columbia name and what [kind of] project we have done.”