WDS, Inc.

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Location: Lake Wylie, SC
Founded: 2007
Industry: Warehousing and distribution

WDS, Inc.

Jennifer Maier


WDS, Inc. is an international supply-chain management company, specializing in sourcing, warehousing and distribution. “At the time WDS was founded, packaging, warehousing and distribution was not a field with many woman-owned businesses,” says CEO Jennifer Maier. “Because they are critical aspects of manufacturing, wholesale, and retail commerce, I believed that this field would offer me the opportunity to realize my goals while allowing me to be a pioneer for diversity.”

QUICK TIP:  “Do one thing every day that scares you.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Being a woman-owned business also has been a competitive differentiator for WDS. “WDS offers something that many other distributors don’t — support for the customer’s diversity initiatives,” says Maier. “Having the [Women’s Business Enterprise National Council] certification was a key contributor to the early success of the business. It allowed WDS to demonstrate a benefit to the customers that helped them meet two internal goals: making cost-effective purchasing decisions and supporting diversity in their vendor base.” Over the next few years, Maier expects WDS to grow its footprint significantly, with expansion into four new states and the addition of another California location.