The Greene Group

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Location: Davidson, NC
Founded: 1988
Industry: Professional services

The Greene Group

Tana Greene


The Greene Group is made up of a variety of staffing divisions, including Road Dog Drivers, which places professional truck drivers, and Genius Pool, which staffs scientific positions. “Whether we’re finding top-performing experts in science, or the most reliable truck drivers in the industry or large-volume, top-performing light industrial workers, The Greene Group is in the business of making people’s lives better,” says CEO Tana Greene. “We think of it this way: We’re not in the staffing business, filling positions. We’re in the people business, fulfilling dreams.”

QUICK TIP:  “Each one of us helps create the conditions that make it possible for others to achieve their dreams.” 

To foster The Greene Group’s growth, Greene focused on setting a culture where employees understand what they do every day and how it makes a difference in other people’s lives. “Knowing you are serving others brings joy and happiness to individuals in their jobs,” she says. Greene plans to continue this focus on people as the company enters its next decade, noting she wants to “build on our culture and impact as many lives in a positive way as possible.”