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Location: Charlotte, NC
Founded: 2010
Industry: Computer hardware


Jonathan Staub


Teguar provides computer solutions, including slim-panel PCs, fully enclosed and waterproof touch computers, medical all-in-one computers and fanless box computers. The company’s industrial and medical computers are specially designed for demanding areas of work.

Teguar was founded by president Jonathan Staub, a Swiss national. Staub had worked for a German industrial and medical computer manufacturer, but then moved with his wife to the U.S. to serve as the CEO for the North American operation. After several years in that position, Staub saw a need for a wider range of industrial and medical computer applications. Leveraging his relationships with multiple manufacturing companies in Taiwan and Europe, he formed Teguar to provide all-in-one computer technologies for the industrial and medical computer markets. “Trust, reliability and accountability are of the upmost importance to us,” says Staub. “It’s who we are and how we operate.”