SPAN Enterprises

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Location: Rock Hill, SC
Founded: 2009
Industry: Software

SPAN Enterprises

Agie Sundaram and Naga Palanisamy (not pictured)


SPAN Enterprises currently has 14 different cloud-based applications across a wide variety of industries, with most of its programs specializing in electronic tax filing and business management. SPAN has seen a tremendous amount of growth, going from a team of two to more than 200 employees around the world. Nevertheless, the company has stayed true to its roots in small-town Rock Hill, SC. “Our business was founded on the belief that dreams can come true in small towns, and that in small towns, there truly are endless possibilities,” says SPAN co-founder Agie Sundaram.

QUICK TIP: “If you have put castles in the air, your work need not be lost: That is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” Henry David Thoreau

As SPAN grew its headcount, Sundaram and his co-founder Naga Palanisamy embraced careful and selective hiring. They decided to focus on bringing in employees who were not only willing to learn, but were also passionate about SPAN’s products and mission. “Expansion was something I was eager to do, but forcing myself to exercise patience and create a plan for it all was by far the most difficult,” says Sundaram. “Once I decide to do something, I like to hit the ground running, but this was something I knew was going to require time, dedication, patience, and lots and lots of planning.”