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Location: Charlotte, NC
Founded: 1998
Industry: Professional services


Dan Schuster
Founder and CEO


Remi provides a centralized approach to repairing and maintaining electronic devices. By replacing existing manufacturer agreements and consolidating all assets into one comprehensive program, the company offers an alternative to equipment manufacturer service contracts and extended warranties. Remi started as a business unit of Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance but became a private, stand-alone entity in 2002. Founder and CEO Dan Schuster backed the new entity with his own money.

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“Economic changes and shrinking revenue have forced healthcare facilities, universities, government entities, banks, grocery stores [and others] to reevaluate how best to maintain the technology they rely on to serve their clients,” says Schuster. “The constant march of technology forces these same organizations to purchase state-of-the-art equipment at a high price in order to remain relevant.” Remi’s mission is to help its clients keep that equipment in working order at an affordable price. By staying true to that mission, Schuster hopes to double Remi’s revenue over the next five years, and grow its workforce by 25 percent.