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Location: Charlotte, NC
Founded: 2002
Industry: Marketing

Red Moon Marketing

Jim Bailey
President and CEO


“We put an emphasis on customer service and building lasting relationships with our clients,” says Jim Bailey, president and CEO of Red Moon Marketing. “There are no individual successes at Red Moon. We are a very close-knit team whose sole focus is helping our clients grow. What we do is not about a few people making a difference; it’s an overriding philosophy of collaboration and partnership.” Red Moon aims to help its clients expand their reach and build brand equity.

QUICK TIP: “You can always be better tomorrow than you are today.”

“Perhaps our greatest challenge has been finding and training associates to serve the clients we have and help fuel future growth,” says Bailey. That challenge notwithstanding, Red Moon has seen tremendous growth over the past decade. For the next 10 years, Bailey’s hope is to keep that growth going, while staying true to Red Moon’s core values.