Peak 10, Inc.

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Location: Charlotte, NC
Founded: 2000
Industry: Technology

Peak 10, Inc.

David Jones
Chairman and CEO


Peak 10, Inc. offers tailored technology solutions to support businesses’ evolving IT needs over time. “We’ve always intended to be the most reliable managed services provider out there, and for us today, [that] means everything from the server cabinets down to managing services that the customer feels comfortable outsourcing,” says Peak 10’s chairman and CEO, David Jones. The company’s founding vision was to offer secondary markets in the southeast the same level of IT security and reliability that, at the time, was only available in tier-one markets like Atlanta, Chicago and New York. “We felt that the demand for services would be just as high in smaller markets,” says Jones.

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As the technology market grows and evolves, Peak 10 has had to strengthen its core business to align with those changes. “In the past year, we have delivered new IT solutions, such as our hosted private cloud, to help continue Peak 10’s growth trajectory,” says Jones. “Along with these technology trends, the customer buying experience has evolved, with the customer wanting information quickly and efficiently.” Peak 10 has embraced that trend by creating a new customer portal and self-service tools that make information easier to access. “As we move into 2016, I want Peak 10 as a whole to maintain itself as a national, leading IT service provider, while taking new market changes in stride,” says Jones.