NoDa Brewing Company

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Location: Charlotte, NC
Founded: 2011
Industry: Manufacturing

NoDa Brewing Company

Suzie Ford
President and Owner


NoDa Brewing Company is comprised of two production breweries and taprooms in Charlotte. The original facility is in the NoDa (North Davidson) neighborhood. The much larger, second facility, which opened in October, is in North End. President and owner Suzie Ford and her husband Todd started NoDa as a way to follow a passion for craft beer and escape the corporate world. “After hosting several successful tasting parties featuring Todd’s home-brewed creations, we decided to turn our dream into reality,” says Ford.

QUICK TIP: “I believe the best leaders possess the willingness and ability to keep up with and adapt to change.”

The Fords’ passion has translated into an intense focus on quality control. “We have quality control personnel, equipment and procedures,” says Ford. “We aim to satisfy our beloved fans and do everything within our control to ensure that quality is never sacrificed.” Her vision for NoDa Brewing is to keep growing organically. “Specifically, we plan to reach more of the Charlotte metro area, and then slowly extend into other parts of the state,” she says.