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Location: Charlotte, NC
Founded: 2011
Industry: Prepared foods


Amber Lewis


ModPALEO is a packaged meal service sourcing from small-scale regional producers. The company’s mission is to support a local food economy based on beneficial relationships between farmers and customers. “ModPALEO was built on the idea that we can do better with our food economy,” says Amber Lewis. “We built this business to show that we can run a profitable, successful food business and still follow our core beliefs — that sourcing and eating real, from-the-farm food is essential to living.”

QUICK TIP: “An authentic leader is genuine in her beliefs, both at work and outside the office. She does not hide her flaws; rather, she learns from them.”

ModPALEO selects its producers based on best agricultural practices, food quality and environmental sustainability. “There have been plenty of opportunities to take a less expensive option and slightly reduce the cost of food inventory, but that would have compromised the quality of our product,” says Lewis. “We’ve learned to work more efficiently so we can maintain a high-quality, responsibly sourced product.” Over the next 10 years, Lewis hopes, modPALEO will become the go-to convenience food across the U.S. “If we are able to provide healthy, responsibly sourced food to customers, not only will our country be healthier and more vibrant, but we will also have supported countless farmers and local food economies,” she says.